Gentleman - Movie Review

Friday, June 17, 2016 - 14:45
Gentleman (2016)
Cast & Crew: 

Movie: Gentleman
Cast: Nani, Surabhi, Niveda Thomas, Avasarala, Vennela Kishore, Tanikella Bharani, Rohini, Anand, Satyam Rajesh, Rama Prabha, Pragati, Rajashri Nayar, Sri Mukhi and others
Story: David Nathan
Music: Mani Sharma
Lyrics: Sirivennela, Ramajogaiah Sastry, Krishnakanth
Cinematography: P G Vinda
Art Director: S Ravindar
Editor: Marthand Venkatesh
Banner: Sridevi Movies
Producer: Sivalenka Krishna Prasad
Screenplay, dialogues and Direction: Mohan Krishna Indraganti
Release Date: June 17, 2016
CBFC Rating: U
Runtime: 144 min

What’s it about!

While returning from London to Hyderabad, two women co-passengers and develop friendship instantly. Two kill time, they start telling about their man in life and their story. Katherine(Niveda), a VFX professional, narrates how she met her boyfriend Gowtham (Nani) and their love story. On the other hand, Aishwarya (Surabhi), daughter of a big businessman, tells that she is engaged to a rising businessman Jay (Nani). She also reveals that they went to Kodaikanal for two days to know each other personally and how romantic the situation turns out. At the airport in Hyderabad, Katherine is shocked to see Jay who is exactly like her boyfriend.

Are Jay and Gowtham one person? The drama unravels.


Director Mohana Krishna Indraganti, who makes different kind of movies, this time has chosen a thriller story written by David Nathan. The movie begins interestingly with two women narrating their love stories and in each story the man turning out to be Nani. Then the interval is even placed on a cliff hanger.

Post interval, director Mohan Krishna (who also wrote additional story, screenplay and dialogue) focuses on Niveda Thomas finding the true identity of Nani. The drama in the second half has some interesting episode, some dull ones, yet it doesn’t bore you.

Although the interval episode is excitingly thrilling, the twist in the second half lacks novelty. In fact, it was oft-repeated twist as we have seen many movies. So, the film ends up a good thriller but doesn't move to the next level after promising best in the interval period.

The movie works due to Nani’s superb performance. He lifts the movie with his act. Then the background score by Mani Sharma is another plus point. New heroine (for Telugu audiences) Niveda Thomas as the girl who is out to find out what happened to her boyfriend has come up with killer performance.

The romantic track shot on Nani and Surabhi in Kodaikanal is a bit stretched. The second half goes on leisure pace. These are the drawback.

As far as performances are concerned, as said before Nani and Niveda get away with the full marks. Surabhi is good too. In a negative role, Avasarala is okay but the one who steals the show is Vennela Kishore, though his character doesn’t add much to the story it provides good comedy. Other actors have done justice to their roles.

Mani Sharma who ruled the Telugu music scene once has made comeback with this movie with good melody songs. “Chirugali” and “Gusa Gusalade” are best among them but his background score is a big winner.

P G Vinda’s camera work is decent. Editing is neat but still the movie needs a bit trimming. The movie has good artwork (Ravinder) and production values. As dialogue writer and director Mohan Krishna has shown his mark again. The characterization of Vennela Kishore and some comedy punches are very good. As a director, Mohana Krishna has pulled off this thriller genre too.

Bottom line: 'Gentleman'- Movie picks up just before interval and ends nicely. A neat thriller that has another winning performance from Nani. Niveda and Manisharma have perked up the proceedings. The twist lacks novelty but still it makes a decent watch.

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