Jatha Kalise - Movie Review

Friday, December 25, 2015 - 22:00
Jatha Kalise (2015)

Film: Jatha Kalise
Cast: Ashwin, Tejaswi Madivada,Snigdha, Prudhvi, Shakalaka Shankar, Saptagiri and others
Music : Sai Karthik
Producer: Naresh Ravoori
Director: Rakesh Shashi
Release Date: December 25, 2015


Ashwin, the CEO of a company in US, comes to Vizag to attend his friend's marriage.  Ashwin and his friends ask the groom to tie the nuptial knot after having a full bottle of beer.  If he manages to stand still and tie 'tali', it will be deemed his victory.  However, they end up spoiling the show and manhandle the bride's side.  This angers Tejaswi, who is present on the occasion.

Ashwin has to travel to Hyderabad to leave for US and it is then when he gets a call from the cab service requesting him if he can accommodate a girl who has to go to Hyderabad to attend an interview.  He accepts her with excitement.  As soon as he sees the girl, he likes her.  As he tries to woo her, she avoids him.  It is because Tejaswi thinks of Ashwin as a bad character with no scruples.  Meanwhile, Ashwin gets a call from his friends that things are becoming worse for them after the show on FM station which has exposed them as Vizag's biggest 'vedhavalu'.  Their video where they are captured in their inebriated condition on the night of the marriage goes viral.  Their image is at stake.  

Ashwin falls in love with Tejaswi because he doesn't know that it is she who is the reason behind all this.  The rest of the film is about how and if Ashwin settles scores with her when he comes to know the truth.


Like the movie Journey, which released couple of years ago, it treads on similar way to some extent but the initial promise soon fades away. Although the backdrop of the movie is good, the narration is not up to the mark. The film has a flimsy storyline. Since the writer has not enough meat to make the film lengthy enough, he has used parody and spoof scenes extensively to fill the gap.

Ashwin shows some promise with his dialogue delivery.  But he needs to work on his expression.  He doesn't get to play an intensely emotional role. Tejaswi proves that she is not that heroine material to pull it off. It is boring to watch Snigdha in those stereotyped roles endlessly.  Shakalaka Shankar is seen as a petty thief with principles. Sapthagiri and Shankar do a parody of Srimanthudu and Gabbar Singh.

Too many loopholes and hackneyed situations have marred the proceedings further. The hero saving the heroine's sister's life from suicide is not well-written.  Brevity is the casualty in this sentimental scene.It is unrealistic that the interview for IAS is conducted in Hyderabad, while in reality it is only in Delhi that it is conducted.  It is even more ridiculous that the heroine doesn't find a bus or a train ticket for such an important and anticipated event beforehand and she has to arrange for a cab in the nick of the moment for no apparent reason.

Prithvi Raj as artificially thick mustachio doesn't entertain. Dhanraj and Viva Harsha are seen in boring cameos.

Bottom-line: Watch this film if you think one line can be dragged on and on for no rhyme or reason. 

Rating: 2.5/5

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