Meeku Meere Maku Meme - Movie Review

Saturday, June 18, 2016 - 12:15
Meeku Meere Maku Meme (2016)
Cast & Crew: 

Film: Meeku Meere Maku Meme
Cast: Tharun Shetty, Avantika Mishra, Kireeti Damaraj, Jenny and others
Music: Shravan
Cinematography: Surya Vinay
Produced by: Nakama Planet Green Studios
Written and Directed by: Hussain Sha Kiran
Release date: June 17, 2016


'Meeku Meere Maku Meme' is the love story of an immature but sincere-minded guy and a seemingly frivolous but firm-minded girl.

Adhi (Tharun Shetty) is Priya's (Anamika) senior at college.  While Adhi is a dullard at studies and is someone with a childish obsession for video gaming, Priya mistakes him for an intelligent one with a rare value system.  When Priya proposes to him, Adhi says that he is not the kind she believes him to be, but Priya says she still loves him.  They soon hit it off.

A few weeks into love, Adhi realizes that love has spelt for him the kind of troubles which Ram Charan in ‘Orange’ went through.  He says there is no life in his love, but he can't miss her.  A patient and mature Priya asks him to find out what love means to him.  The rest of the film is about whether Adhi discovers what love means and how he manages to keep Priya in his fold till the time he cracks her question.


Debutante director Hussain Sha Kiran has done good job at narrating an ordinary story line. The story essentially takes place between these two characters and others are there to complement the rom-com feel. There are no other stakeholders in their love story. Priya's father and Adhi's friend are there as passive players with no active decision-making (till one in the climax). Far from having a negative character, he has come up with cute characters who are innocence-personified.

The first half is stuffed with high-brow, situational humour; the actors don't go over-board, they behave like people from the upper class, city background. The episodic narration of 3-4 events from Priya and Aadhi's point of view in the first 30 mins is simply superb. The conversations between the hero and heroine mirror the thinking of the present generation without they being over-indulged.  

The second half, too, mostly passes off as a fresh rom-com,complete with the now-routine idea of some other girl entering into the boy's life, thereby causing heart-burn to the heroine. Even in these portions, the director keeps the balance intact. The neat humour around Adhi's description of love as sacrifice first and 'maya' next is interesting.  

On the other hand, Kireeti tickles the funny bone with his comic timing. As the hero's friend, he turns weird at times and as a lover boy at the receiving end of the love of an MLA daughter, he is quite entertaining. His rapport with Tharun Shetty is praiseworthy.  

The main problem is that there is a lack of serious emotional conflict. In this love story, one ought to see it in Adhi learning to become mature. The heroine wants him to become a man (he is a kid now) and the pain he and his sweetheart have to go through in the process is narrated in an understated way.  

Newcomer Tharun Shetty is a natural. He pulls off the role quite well.Anamika fits the bill; she matches up to Tharun's innocence. Watch her say 'I love you..'

The technical elements make the film look cute. Shravan's songs are interspersed into the narration.There is no song we can think of humming though. The BGM is a plus. The cinematography is an asset; even simple locations come across as nice.

Bottomline: A neatly-told love story with cute characters. The director makes a mark.

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Vishwanath V