Rojulu Marayi - Movie Review

Friday, July 1, 2016 - 16:15
Rojulu Marayi (2016)
Cast & Crew: 

Film: Rojulu Marayi
Cast: Chethan, Parwatheesham, Krithika, Tejaswini, Vasu, Ali, Raja Ravindra and others
Story, screenplay: Maruthi
Dialogues: Ravi Varma Namburi
Music: JB
Cinematography: P Bal Reddy
Editing: Uddhav
Good Cinema Group
Presented by: Venkateshwara Creations and Maruthi Talkies
Producer: G Srinivasa Rao
Screenplay, Director: Murali Krishna Mudidani
Release Date: July 01, 2016
CBFC Rating: UA
Runtime: 136 min

What's it about!

Tejaswi and Krithika are roommates in a working women's hostel. Tejaswi is in love with a corporate manager but she also accepts the advances of her office manager Parvateesam so that she can survive in the office. Krithika on the other hand agrees the proposal of Chetan and sells off the diamond ring he gave to her. Money that she gets from the diamond ring gives to her real lover, who is struggling to get money to pursue his dreams in USA. When a baba tells Tejaswi and Krithika that they have problem in their jatakam as and their husbands will be dead days after their marriage, they force Parvateesam and Chetan to marry them respectively. They hope that once these guys are dead, they may happily settle with their real lovers. But their plan has many hurdles.


With the script written by Maruthi, a new director Murali Krishna has made this film that neither belongs to the genre that Maruthi has made popular - "hostel girls movies" nor it does fall in the horror genre though it has mix of both these elements apart from many other mockery moments.

To be fair, the film starts off well in entertaining way as it tells about two young girls who maintain mobiles with two sim-cards (euphemism for two-timing girls). Parvatheesam the actor who played the Srikakulam guy in Dil Raju's "Kerintha" as sex-starved guy provides some comedy in the initial stage. Tejaswi trying to fool him is also fun. When the episode of a Baba telling this kundali thing, trouble begins.

All the seemingly fun part has evaporated from here, and it never comes back on the track. The proceedings further spoil as the movie treads into comic-horror genre. In the name of ghosts, we get to see 1970's comedy sequences. Ali posing as a guy who doesn't believe in ghosts being chased by ghosts (setup by the heroes) is plain formulaic.Frankly, no story happens in the second half. Once we know the so-called twist that the two girls want to marry these two guys in order to settle with their lovers we know how the movie would end. To cover up the predictability, the screenplay writer Maruthi and new director Murali Krishna has thrown many farce situations along the way.

Even the so-called double meaning dialogues like "pitch" and "mamidipallu" have been used by Maruthi himself in his past movies.

Among the actors, Tejaswi is fine. She looks lively. Parvateesham as sex-starved guy irritates after a point. Chetan and Kruthika are okay. Raja Ravindra is seen in predictable role. Vasu as a guy who is fascinated about Venkatesh's Drushyam is okay.

The film has decent production and technical values. Music by J B in particularly is appreciable. Camera and editing is pretty average. As a writer Maruthi has totally failed. His script lacks total novelty. New director's work is passable. One doesn't understand why the movie is titled Rojulu Marayi (Times Have Changed) when the script and the scenes are so archaic and doesn't say much about the story too.

Bottom-line: 'Rojulu Marayi' is a desperate attempt to cash on in the names involving with the project. First half is bearable but post interval it tests the patience.

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