Ulavacharu Biryani - Review

Monday, August 4, 2014 - 06:45
Ulavacharu Biryani

Film: Ulavacharu Biryani
Cast: Prakash Raj, Sneha, Tejus, Samyuktha, M.S. Narayana, Brahmaji, Urvashi, Aishwarya, Kotesh Mannava, Sivaji Rao Yadav, Vijay
Cinematography: Preetha Jayaraman
Music: Ilaiyaraaja
Art: Kadir
Editor: Joni Harsha
Lyrics: Chandrabose
Produced by: K.S. Ramarao & Vallabha
Directed by: Prakash Raj
Release date: 6 June, 2014

Ulavacharu Biryani, the title denotes the delicacies of Telugu land. Prakash Raj who remade Malayalam film Salt and Pepper in three languages simultaneously chose this title for the Telugu version. This is second directorial venture for him in Telugu after Dhoni (2012).

Ulavacharu Biryani starring Prakash Raj and Sneha in the lead roles is not about food or the story about a chef as the title may suggest. It is basically a love story of two lonely unmarried guys who past their prime 'marriageable' age. Prakash Raj is a foodie. He has been too busy to get married. Sneha is a dubbing artiste who is happy with her work and has given little thought about being single.

Food is a topic that both love. They become friends over phone. What! Yes like youngsters these days, these both discuss various topics on phone. Unknowingly this friendship goes a step further and they fall in love. The rest of the story is about what happens when they meet face to face? Will the bells chime? Well we won’t tell you, watch the film for that.The film does have its moments, but there is no flavor. We have seen films where the leading pair find solace in different things. Food is probably the first time. The leading lady, who is in a bad mood, is all perked up when she recalls how her mother fed her with a dosa.  The leading pair has similar characterizations. They yell at the same time. They are together even when they are not with each other.  Such is their love.

Performanwise Sneha has done a good job. She fits her role like a glove. Though in the second half she is not all that convincing. Prakash raj is convincing. Like always he has given a good show. Tejus and Samyuktha Hornad give a decent performance.  M S Narayana and Brahmi are good in their respective roles.Ilayaraja’s music does offer the right garnish for this dish. But what’s the use of good music when the main dish itself lacks substance? Climax is tad stretched.   Dialogues lack the necessary punch.

Though this film has the ingredients to make a super dish, the recipe (read storyline) is not good enough. The final outcome is bland. Overall Ulavacharu Biryani doesn’t really impress. With performers like Prakash Raj and Sneha, and music by Ilayaraja this film doesn’t pass muster.