Aame - Movie Review

Sunday, July 21, 2019 - 13:00
Aame (2019)
Cast & Crew: 

Film: Aame
Cast: Amala Paul, Ramya Subramanian, Sriranjini, Vivek Prasanna and others
Dialogues: Rajesh A Murthy 
Music: Pradeep Kumar
Cinematography: Vijay Kartik Kannan
Editor: Shafiq  
Art: Videsh
Stunts: "Stunner" Sam
Producers: Rambabu Kalluri, Vijay Moraveneni
Written and directed by: Rathnakumar
Release date: July 18, 2019

Amala Paul created a sensation of sorts with the teaser of ‘Aame’. Her bold act became the talk of the town. The film is finally here after getting canceled shows on its release date due to financial issues and let's find out if the film has anything interesting to showcase.

What's it about?

Kamini(Amala Paul) works in the media and is very bold by nature. She goes to any extent just to get TRP's for her shows which are made up of prank videos. But one fine day, she and her gang decide to party hard at their old premises before shifting to a new office. One of her colleague's drugs her and the next morning Kamini finds out that she is all naked in the building with absolutely no one to help her. How does she make out of such a deadly situation is the story of the film?


What catches your imagination right away is the concept of the film which is very bold. A heroine being naked in the whole film is not tried for sure to date in India. This is a completely daring attempt. But the director takes his sweet time to come to the point. 

The director starts the film on an uneven note. It is only at the interval point the film takes grip when Amala Paul's naked avatar comes into force. From there, the film is interesting as the thrills showcased are genuine and create a good effect on the audience. 

Amala Paul is riveting in her role and credit should go to her for even attempting something daring like this. The way she gives a tough fight in crazy situations reveals her talent. Then at the end of the film, the actual truth is revealed which is also good. 

While the plot point is novel and ambitious but it drags on, which is a major drawback. There is no doubt some thrilling elements which will connect with the audience but better handling by the director in certain portions would have made matters even better.

The cinematography is excellent and BG work is decent. There is a lot of Tamil nativity in the film.

Bottom-line: ‘Aame’ is an interesting thriller to watch out for but the experience could have been even more gripping if not for the uneven narration of the director. Amala Paul's bold act will shock many and win accolades in the coming days. She has done one of the bravest roles ever.

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