Nela Ticket - Movie Review

Friday, May 25, 2018 - 16:00
Nela Ticket (2018)
Cast & Crew: 

Film: Nela Ticket
Ravi Teja, Malvika Sharma, Kaumudi, Sharat Babu, Jagapathi Babu, Brahmanandam, Jayaprakash, Subbaraju, Ali, Posani, Annapurnamma, Priyadarshi, LB Sriram, Prudhvi, Surekha Vani, Praveen and others
Music:Shakathikanth Karthik
Screenplay: Satyanand
Director of Photography:Mukesh G
Editor: Chota K Prasad
Art: Brahma Kadali
Banner: SRT Entertainments
Producer: Rajani Talluri
Direction: Kalyan Krishna
Release date: May 25, 2018
CBFC Rating: UA
Runtime: 167 mins

What’s it about!

An orphan gets raised in a movie theater as a child. Thus he gets the name – Nela Ticket (frontbencher). Later he joins in an orphanage in Vizag and he develops friendship with others and also gets a sister who is also an orphan. After completing her education, his sister gets job as news reporter in a channel in Hyderabad. On one of her assignment, she captures Home Minister Aditya Bhupati (Jagapathi Babu) pressing a remote to a bomb fixed to a car that kills Ananda Bhupathi, the businessman who raised Aditya as his own son. Obviously, she gets attacked by the Home Minister men and how Nela Ticket takes up the mission to save his sister forms the rest of the story.


Director Kalyan Krishna proved his talent with two successful movies – Nagarjuna starrer ‘Soggade Chinni Nayana’ and ‘Raarandoy Veduka Chuddam’. Ravi Teja starrer ‘Nela Ticket’ is his third film and also it is his first ‘mass masala movie’. With his two previous movies, he showed us that he is good at helming ‘family entertainer’s but this time he explored oft-repeated mass movie genre.

Sadly, Kalyan Krishna has chosen a script that is completely outdated for this masala entertainer. The conflict between hero and villain (played by Jagapathi Babu) is so hackneyed. The wafer-thin plot is filled with routine comedy, stale romantic thread and some sentiment scenes. Like we said earlier, he is good at sentiment and family sequences but the director has failed in masala elements.

The narration is lethargic and bore. Such old plots require better screenplays but writer Satyanand, who belongs to 80’s era, has come up with ideas that are so formulaic and clichéd. And the narration never bounces back making it a tedious watch.

As far as performances are concerned, Ravi Teja is his usual self. He has tried to bring some energy into the movie despite his role being drab. Malvika Sharma looks like a kid opposite Ravi Teja. She has glam appeal. Jagapathi Babu is good in the role of politician. Sampath, Subbaraju and Sharat Babu gets registered with their performances. Brahmanandam hardly speaks. Prudhvi’s comedy is in old-style. Kaumudi as Ravi Teja’s sister is good.

The film has good cinematography and rich production values. Two songs are decent. As a story writer and director, Kalyan Krishna has gone wrong this time though he has shown his mark in sentiment scenes.

Bottom-line: “Nela Ticket” is aimed for frontbenchers. But even the B and C center audiences would not clap for this clichéd mass movie that has a weak plot. One expects better fare from Kalyan Krishna who gave two hits. Sadly, this time he has disappointed totally.