Nirmala Convent - Movie Review

Friday, September 16, 2016 - 12:45
Nirmala Convent (2016)
Cast & Crew: 

Film: Nirmala Convent
Cast: Nagarjuna Akkineni, Roshan, Shriya Sharma, Sathya Krishna, Aditya Menon, Ravi Prakash, Sameer, Surya, Roshan Kanakala, Chandrahas, L. B. Sriram, Thagubothu Ramesh,  Anitha Chowdary and others
Music: Roshan Saluri
Cinematography: S. V. Vishweshwar
Production company: Annapurna Studios, Matrix Team Works
Producers: Nimmagadda Prasad, Akkineni Nagarjuna 
Script, screenplay, directed by: G. Naga Koteswara Rao
Release Date: September 16, 2016
CBFC Rating: UA
Runtime: 152 Min

What’s it about!

In a small village, a rich landlord eyes on one acre land owned by a dalit farmer. When he refuses, he gets killed. Some years later, his grandson Samuel (Roshan) falls in love with the granddaughter of the landlord. Shanti (Shriya Sharma) tries to tease the bookish Samuel who is her classmate. The tease turns into love. Her parents oppose.

Her father’s men beat him up. He leaves to Hyderabad and gets chance to meet Nagarjuna the actor. Samuel requests Nagarjuna to conduct the star’s popular TV quiz show "Meelo Evaru Koteeshwarudu" at his village as a special episode and Samuel says that he can answer any question. Samuel’s plan is to prove his talent and increase his popularity and earn money so that Shanti’s father would accept his love.


The basic story of 'Nirmala Convent' - poor teenager falling in love with rich landlord’s daughter doesn’t hold interest any longer unless it is told in different manner. Right from the days of 'Seethakoka Chiluka' and 'Chanti' to present day, many movies are made with similar theme. When an outdated script is picked up, the packaging needs to be fresh and contemporary. But debutante director G Naga Koteshwara Rao has not only written old story, he also narrated the movie in a style that evokes only laughs in today’s times.

Entire first half is centered on the love track of Roshan and Shriya Sharma who are studying in ‘Nirmala Convent Sr. Secondary School’. She disturbs him, he falls for her. Then she falls for him because he is helpful. There are no proper establishment scenes to show how the love blossomed. The total first half and the romantic scenes are big bore.

The only novelty factor in the movie is when hero takes up challenge of quiz show to become popular and earn big money which is straight away copied from Oscar-award winning movie 'Slumdog Millionaire'. The second half has some drama with Nagarjuna coming all the way from Hyderabad to the boy’s village to hold "Challenge of Challenges", a similar program like "Meelo Evaru Koteeshwarudu". The episode sustains some interest.

But again, the climax is quite hurried and monotonous. Teenage love stories work when the romance part is lovely and is presented in contemporary way. But this movie lacks this. And the so-called comedy by Taguboth Ramesh and Jogi Brothers have spoiled the proceedings further. Srikanth’s son Roshan as teenage hero is promising, he has done excellent job. It is hard to believe this is his maiden movie as hero. The boy has looks and skills as well.

Shriya Sharma is also beautiful and has pulled off her role easily. In some angles, she reminds us of Swetha Basu Prasad in 'Kotha Bangaru Lokam'. Nagarjuna is at his usual best. He has made the movie interesting in the second half. L B Sriram makes an impression as farmer who has high self-respect. Taguboth Ramesh’s comedy is jarring. Jogi Brothers are out of sync with this movie. Satya Krishna and Aditya Menon are okay. Surya and Anitha Chowdhary as parents of Roshan are convincing.

'Nirmala Convent' has rich production values and cinematography is eye-catching thanks to the locations full of greenery. Music is main asset. The song "Kotha Kotha Basha.." has become popular even before the release and the song is appealing in the film too.

Writing and direction, as said earlier, is quite old style. Though the director is debutante, he is senior guy nearing  60. He should have employed today’s writers at least.

Bottom-line: 'Nirmala Convent' falters with outdated script and old style of narration but Nagarjuna tries to salvage it with his presence in the second half. Srikanth's son Roshan is confident as hero, cute heroine and few scenes post interval are appealing in this predictable teenage drama.

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