Oh Baby - Movie Review

Friday, July 5, 2019 - 14:30
Oh Baby (2019)
Cast & Crew: 

Film: Oh Baby
Cast: Samantha Akkineni, Lakshmi, Rajendra Prasad, Rao Ramesh, Naga Shaurya, Pragati, Tej, Sunaina and others
Dialogues: Lakshmi Bhupala
Music: Mickey J Meyer
Cinematography: Richard Prasad
Editor: Junaid Siddiqui
Art: Vithal K
Producers: D Suresh Babu, Sunitha Tati, TG Viswa Prasad, Hyunwoo Thomas Kim
Screenplay-Direction: BV Nandini Reddy
Release date: July 05, 2019
CBFC Rating: U
Runtime: 140 min

What’s it about!
70-plus Savitri aka Baby (Lakshmi) who is living with her son finds that she’s a burden to her family. Her pesky attitude brings stroke to her daughter-in-law. While running away from her home, she wishes to be patiella paduchu pilla and she is transformed into her 24-year-old self, played by Samantha as God appears in a photographer’s avatar and grants her wish. She always wanted to sing, live life to the fullest. All her unfulfilled dreams can be achieved now. She helps her grandson’s musical band while concealing her true identity. Rest of the drama is how she tries to live the life she never had and what problems she would face.
As the trailer suggested, ‘Oh Baby’ is essentially about an old woman mysteriously getting second chance to lead life as a young woman, getting her 20’s self once more. How she manages to handle the unexpected miracle? The core idea of getting youth back, despite the fact that it is far-fetched and not logical, is quite an interesting one. The film is also about a second chance to achieve what one had missed earlier. This premise is enough to generate laughs. ‘Oh Baby’ really does create some good laughs when Samantha comes into the picture as younger self of Lakshmi in the first half of the movie. Like in her recent hit movie ‘Majili’, she appears in the movie very late, carrying an umbrella as the drizzle starts. A star entry!
This is official remake of Korean film ‘Miss Granny’ that has also been remade in many other languages. Director Nandini Reddy seems to have tweaked a bit to localize the content but basic thread and much of the scenes and episodes are same as original. Like in the original, the second half is about musical band/singing aspiration. Unlike the original movie, the soundtrack is totally bland. This film requires songs as good as Aamir Khan produced ‘Secret Superstar’ but Mickey has given routines songs except the catchy title track.
Nandini Reddy has successfully managed to present charming and funny film despite formulaic sequences in the second half of the movie. First and foremost, the film needed slimmer runtime. At 2 hour 40 minutes, it is too lengthy. The second half turns into a sentimental drama but these sentiments have not worked out well. Unless you have yen for soap operas, these are not easily likable.
God has given her young body but he seems to have forgotten to change her accent and talking style. She speaks like a granny with thick old-style Godavari district accent. This is not at all convincing.
It needed sharper editing, better pacing.
Samantha as grandmother in a girl’s body has given most funny expressions and her live-wire performance has made this movie enjoyable watch. The film has many dull moments, especially when post-interval sequences turn dreary, her act has brought life. She is the main reason why this film has worked.
Veteran actress Lakshmi as granny is spotless. She is exceptional in her role and has set the mood right. Rajendra Prasad also gets best scenes. All other actors including Naga Shaurya, Sunaina and Rao Ramesh are okay.
Dialogue writer Lakshmi Bhupala has written some interesting lines but he has this habit of using ‘idioms’ frequently in dialogues. Camerawork is decent. Nandini Reddy’s work is mixed bag.
Bottom-line: Official remake of Korean drama ‘Miss Granny’, Samantha starrer ‘Oh Baby’ is watchable for Samantha’s energetic ¬performance. Schmaltzy ending and flabby runtime almost kills the film but it finally works to an extent thanks to Samantha. This is for those who like candy-floss sentiment dramas.