RDX Love - Movie Review

Friday, October 11, 2019 - 13:30
RDX Love (2019)
Cast & Crew: 

Film: RDX Love
Cast: Paayal Rajput, Tejas Kancharla, VK Naresh, Aditya Menon, Nagineedu, Tulasi, Mumaith Khan, Vidyulekha Raman, and others
Dialogue: Parusaram
Music: Radhan
Cinematography: C Ram Prasad
Editing: Prawin Pudi
Fights: Nandu
Producer: C Kalyan
Story, screenplay and direction: Shankar Bhanu
Release date: October 11, 2019

What’s it about?

Alivelu (Payal Rajput) is an activist promoting government schemes such as anti-AIDS campaign. Siddu (Tejus Kancherla), the son of a rich media baron (played by Aditya Menon), falls in love with her in a weird and absurd romantic track.

But things go haywire when the hero's father enters the scene. Somewhere in a village, its poor residents are waiting for justice as victims of decades of neglect by the government.

The rest of the film is about what Alivelu does to solve the village's problems by going against all odds. A Chief Minister (played by Nagineedu) has a role in this.


‘RDX Love’ starring Paayal Rajput of ‘RX100’ fame is a lame attempt to deal with a social cause. In the name of social awareness, the film has indulged in cheap scenes about sex. Sample a few episodes in the film….

1. Heroine promotes the government’s initiative of safe sex talking in a vulgar manner. She keeps calling safeties as condoms and cheaply explains them.

2, When the hero fakes a break-up with another girl to gain sympathies of Alivelu (Paayal), she goes to his home and feeds him the rice only to expose him and informs him that she mixed medicine for ‘loose motion’ in the rice.

3. To expose a doctor who is performing abortions illegally, she tells the doctor that she and her gang of five girls are pregnant with the child of her boyfriend. All five of them!

4. In another episode, the heroine learns that in a village, all women are childless, as their husbands are addicted to alcohol and are not interested in lovemaking. So, she and her boyfriend teach women how to impress their husbands. Women on top is the idea they get from hero and heroine. Soon hubbies get addicted to lovemaking.

5. To make men stop chewing gutka, the heroine uses ‘kissing’ as a trick.

6. And a woman police officer (Mumaith Khan) keeps on calling the heroine as ‘Ginja’ (rhyming with a swear word) liberally throughout the movie.

So on and on… 

The basic film is different but what we get to see is these kinds of silly sequences. It is only in the final portions that we get to know the real mission of the heroine. Before that, we are tortured to watch such inane scenes all in the name of social awareness. 

There is no logic, not an iota of intelligence in any episode. The writer and director’s work is lethargic.

Paayal Rajput is not required to act, all she needed to do is showing off her curves and she does it without blinking an eye. Though she also proves her acting skills occasionally, it is her glamour quotient that dominates. Male lead Tejas is okay. Mumaith Khan plays a crude role with crass dialogues. 

Cinematography is decent. Other technical departments have put in lame output. Editing and writing are bad, to say the least. The direction is the main villain of the movie. 

Bottom-line: ‘RDX Love’… forget about RDX, this is not even a cracker. A silly movie that tries to cash in on Paayal’s hot quotient filled with cheap scenes.