Where is The Venkatalakshmi - Movie Review

Friday, March 15, 2019 - 15:30
Where is The Venkatalakshmi (2019)
Cast & Crew: 

Film: Where is The Venkatalakshmi
Cast: Raai Laxmi, Praveen, Madhu Nandan and Jabardasth Mahesh
Music: Hari Gowra
Producers: M Sridhar Reddy, H Anand Reddy and RK Reddy
Banner: ABT Creations
Director: Kishore (Ladda)
Release Date: Mar 15, 2018

'Where Is The Venkatalakshmi', starring Raai Laxmi, Praveen and Madhunandhan, is in the theatres. Let us find out what works and what doesn't.


Pandugadu and Chantigadu (played by Praveen and Madhunandhan) know nothing. They are notorious in the village for playing pranks, teasing girls, cheating folks in the game of cards, etc. Venkatalakshmi (Raai Laxmi), a sexy school teacher, lands in the village. The two guys befriend her and become close to her by helping her settle down in the village.

When they plan to propose to her, they are shocked to know that the lady is not a human but a ghost. She has an unfulfilled desire and demands them to get it done. Pandu and Chanti know that they are in danger because Veera Reddy (Pankaj Kesari) might be their next villain.

The rest of the film is about how the duo fulfills the ghost's demand. Poojitha Ponnada and Ram Karthik, who play lovers, have a role in this.


Director Kishore Ladda packs the film with cheap comedy scenes. There is no stopping the flourish of crass scenes.

For example, in one of the scenes, Chanti and Pandu forcibly enter the bedroom of a couple having their first night and doze off in the room. In another scene, they secretly shoot the sexual act of their best friend with his girlfriend, that too after making them commit to pre-marital sex by foul means.

Outdated ideas are many. A cable TV operator ('Rangasthalam' Mahesh) announces that 'Baahubali-2' will be played in the town. Everybody sits in front of TV sets to watch it with their families. Due to Chanti-Pandu duo's mischief, a blue film gets played instead and the families are embarrassed. This idea is as old as the 1980s films.

The problem is that the film maintains this tone without a respite. Praveen and Madhu emote too much when Raai Laxmi enters the screen. Her characterization suffers badly. In the second half, she literally has no role to play in driving the story or in terms of screen space. The actress is limited to an item song (the 'Papa' song, which otherwise is well-picturized).

There is no sense of tension in the proceedings even in the climax. Pankaj Kesari plays a blood-thirsty lord. His role is bereft of any depth. So much so, when he is reformed in the climax by a few minutes of lecturing, it looks very odd and laughable.

For a script so badly written, the performances are not that bad. Only that it is very hard to put up with Praveen and Madhu for the length of an entire film. In this regard, they can't be a match to even Saptagiri. Poojitha, the Telugu-speaking girl, has to be encouraged perhaps. Ram Karthik, Pankaj, Annapurnamma and others are good. Raai Laxmi needs to land meaty roles to prove her talent.

Hari Gowra's songs come with life, unlike the film. The visuals are so-so.

Verdict: The film is not at all a horror flick. It's a crass comedy with just a couple of half baked horror scenes. The proceedings become a test of patience in the second half, especially, after the plot goes haywire.

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Vishwanath V