Trivikram: Aravindha Sametha is content-rich movie

Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - 14:30

Called as magician of words, director Trivikram has legions of fans. He is one of the top rung directors of Tollywood. Despite the fact that his previous film 'Agnyaathavasi' bombed at box-office, audiences are eagerly awaiting his latest film with NTR. That shows his craze among the audiences. The director speaks to the media ahead of 'Aravindha Sametha' release. Excerpts from the interview....

How did you handle Agynathavasi's failure?

Sometimes, things are not in our hands. The moment I wrote the story, I felt that it will click in a solid manner but sadly, it did not. I was very disappointed for the first week but carried on with my life as I had something exciting in the form of 'Aravinda Sametha'.

How did you convince NTR to join the shoot after his dad's death?

I did not do anything as NTR was the one who decided that the shoot should not stop. He was on the sets from the fourth day of his passing as a committed actor. If the film is releasing on time, it is only because of NTR's ethics and commitment.

You did not speak much at Aravinda Sametha pre-release event. Why?

Things were happening quite hastily during that time. We were busy with the film's release and everyone was only waiting for NTR to speak. So I thought that he is the one who should talk about himself and on our behalf.

What's new in Aravinda Sametha?

I showcased the film through the point of view of women. How the women in these faction based areas are treated and neglected. What would happen if they are given due importance and will they be able to stop all these fights in these areas is conveyed through this film.

Your take on the negative feedback to the song "Peniviti"?

What you saw is just the small teaser and the song will have some of the best montage shots in the whole film. As it will let out the story, we did not reveal it in the teasers.

Looks like the film has not much entertainment?

Yes! There will be romance and fun only in the first half and that too it will be situational. There will be no Brahmanandam entry or forced humor as we have told the film in a serious manner.

What's special about working with NTR?

NTR is saying that I stood with him as a rock in all the interviews but the truth is that he has stood beside all of us and completed the film in time. It is because of his dedication and ethics we are here talking about the film.

Is social media corrupting youngsters?

In the past, people used to gossip and share their views with their friends or family. Now, they are doing it on social media. Many do not understand that whatever they are saying is recorded and stays forever. People need to understand this and think ten times when making any statements.