Aravindha Sametha is completely Trivikram's movie: NTR

Monday, October 8, 2018 - 10:00

Trivikram directed ‘Aravindha Sametha’ is all set to release on October 11. NTR lost his father in an accident recently and is going through turbulent phase. Yet, he has completed the movie without taking a break. As the film is releasing, NTR speaks about it and his life and career in general.

Your first reaction after listening to the title?

The moment I heard it from Trivikram garu, I just loved it and felt it was unique. Generally, everyone addresses during inviting people saying 'Sati Sametham ga randi'. So the same word is used here for this film which gives core importance to the women in the society. Though it felt something different, I was sure it would be liked.

Working experience with Trivikram?

Working with Trivikram has always been a dream for 14 years but things did not fall in place before this. We promised each other that we will make a film which will be liked by both of us. So, we ensured that the journey should be smooth rather than the result of the film.

Do you think there is a pressure on Trivikram to deliver after Agnyaathavasi?

I would be lying if I say no. There is a massive pressure on us to deliver as there is so much at stake now. I have gone through flops and he is going through it now. We never discussed ‘Agnyaathavasi’ and just concentrated only on the way this film should be made.

What was Trivikram's brief to you?

He made things very clear from day one. Trivikram garu said that this film is not your regular image backing film and you need to be getting on my journey and do what I am making through this film. I was very clear since then and followed whatever he said thereafter. You will see me in a very different mode in the film which is a new phase for me.

How are you coping with the grief?

I cannot express it in words. The death of my father came as a huge shock. Now, more than us suffering, we had to get back to life just to take care of our kids and mother who have faced even bigger shocks. Life has to move on and personally, I feel that things are destined and we are just walking towards it.

Are you disappointed with the mixed response to the audio?

See, I am in a phase where I am experimenting. I am an actor that I need to try all sorts of music albums and different style of songs. Today, songs have become just item numbers and I am completely against it. But as it is the need of the hour I go and do it.

How do you look at success and failures?

I have crossed the stage where success and failure do not affect me anymore. The only thing which I keep in mind is my fans. We actors live in a shell and do not know what's going on outside. The social media is a soul connection and that too has so much of negative sides in that. Today, I am giving my best and have left the rest to the audience as they are the ones who put me here.