Change is in the air: Nani

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 - 14:15

Nani is so confident about 'Jersey' that he says that he can wait for April 19 a little longer. "I wish time freezes. I want to enjoy this satisfaction before its release," the Natural Star says. In this interview, catch him talk about the movie, what makes it special, what makes director Gowtam Tinnanuri and actress Shraddha Srinath unique, row over the title 'Gang Leader' and more.

There were reports that the film tells the story of a cricketer who died after an injury. Is it true?

This is a fictional story from start to end. It is not based on anyone's life. When someone wrote that it's a biopic of a cricketer, others just copied this view.

Why the title? What kind of a director Gowtam is?

The title has nothing to do with the uniform that cricketers are known to wear. There is an emotional reason behind 'Jersey'. As for Gowtam, he is totally honest and sincere about filmmaking.  He couldn't believe it when I gave my nod to the flick without taking time to think over the script. By the time he completed the narration, I was convinced that I should do 'Jersey'. He didn't tinker with the script anywhere; such is his conviction in his creation.

Is it proper sports movie?

'Jersey' is not the kind of sports-based film where the sport is just a passing feature. It properly explores the genre. We have had too few films of this kind in Telugu.  I think change is in the air with 'Jersey'.

Was it hard to do the sports-based film?

The practice sessions took so many weeks. I became leaner by the end. And I was never a serious cricket player even in school days. I was always an extra. But working on 'Jersey' has opened my eyes to the detailing that goes into playing cricket.

You are betting big on Shraddha Srinath. What is so different about her?

When I watched her in a song much before 'Jersey', I felt that she is beyond a regular heroine. She looks very convincing as a girlfriend, as a wife. She can understand what the director has in mind even if the latter fails to convey something to her.

The child artist who has played your son in the movie seems to be very important. How was it working with him?

He is a very talented kid. I just couldn't answer his intelligent questions during the making. He talks and talks. The only time he keeps quiet is when the camera starts rolling.  You will remember his face the most after watching 'Jersey'. 

Since the father-son relationship is integral to the film, it had to be different. Even the trailer has become such a hit because of this emotional aspect. The scenes are realistic. I am so very much satisfied with the output that I can wait for the release date even longer. Let the time freeze!

Last year was a mixed experience for you. If 'Krishnarjuna Yuddham' flopped, you were a hit on TV. How do you see all that?

I don't make any calculations. I have always done what I liked.  There was a time when I had three flops in a row and had no releases for one and half years. Suddenly, things turned around for me after 'Yevade Subrahmanyam'.  I do my work, and I don't give a damn to what people say about me negatively.

'Jersey' will be taken to China. How do you see this development?

Yes, the plan is there. Bollywood has explored the Chinese market. In Telugu, 'Baahubali' has done it but the film is a fantasy. On the other hand, 'Jersey' is an emotional drama. We want to explore China market.

Your film with director Vikram Kumar getting the title 'Gang Leader' hasn't been to the liking of many. Your comments?

Nobody has objected to the title. The team is happy with the title. We have chosen it because it is the most suitable title for the story. I am playing a character who leads a gang of ladies.