I have stopped aging: Nagarjuna

Monday, September 24, 2018 - 17:15

Nagarjuna is extrememly happy with the film Devadas. He feels that Nani is a fabulous actor. Nag does not want to do aging roles and is looking at multistarrers. A chit chat with Nagarjuna.

How did this project workout initially?

Two years back, a Bollywood maker brought this script to me but things did not work out. Now, years later, Nani made this film happened through Ashwini Dutt who chose Sriram Aditya as the director.

Are you impressed with Sri Ram Aditya's work?

Yes, I am. He made the film with a feel-good factor as the film has a flavor of all Rajkumar Hirani kind of films. The comedy is subtle and there is a deep emotion also behind the comedy which is lacking nowadays. Sriram has handled both me and Nani on a top note in this film.

What do you think of Nani as an actor?

He is a fabulous actor and there is some magic in his performance. He is so natural but there is still a starry touch to his personality. We gelled well in this film and that brought out the terrific chemistry between Deva and Das.

Looks like you are dominating Nani in the film?

Yes, I am. As I play a don's role, I will be overpowering Nani in many aspects. That is clearly seen in the trailer. How I change the course of time with the help of Nani has been showcased beautifully.

When will you start playing your age?

Why should I when I look so young. I have stopped aging and thing is that I am a 25-year-old guy in my head. If you keep your thoughts young you look fresh and can play any role. There is no need to play my age now as I am slowly drifting towards multi-starrers.

What's your take on Sailaja Reddy Alludu's outcome?

We all are very happy with the film opened and became a safe project for many. Chay has gone to the next league with this film and I am very happy that he is now the official Yuva Samrat.

How is it working with the likes of Ranbir and Dhanush?

I always love working with young guns as they bring a lot of positivity on the sets. Ranbir is a superstar and I am very happy that I am doing a special role in the film. Coming to Dhanush, he only is directing the film which will be period drama and I am very excited about it.

Your word on NTR biopic?

As of now, the posters are doing all the talking and Sumanth's look fascinated me a lot. I am very curious to see how my dad will be showcased in the film.