Police - Movie Review

Friday, April 15, 2016 - 15:00
Police (2016)
Cast & Crew: 

Movie: Police
Cast: Vijay, Samantha, Amy Jackson, Prabhu, Radhika, Mahendran and others
Cinematography: George C Williams
Editing: Anthony L. Rubens
Music: G.V. Prakash Kumar
Executive Producer: Satish
Co Producers:  Sirish and Lakshman
Producers: Raju and Kalaipuli S. Thanu
Story,  Direction: Atlee
Release date: April 15, 2016
CBFC Rating: U


Joseph (Vijay) is a baker and father to Niveditha (Baby Nainika). The father-daughter duo live peacefully in an ethereally rustic place in Kerala. Joseph is meek and doesn't lose his cool even if pushed to the corner. His passive ways are belittled by his little daughter in a funny way. Niveditha's teacher (Amy Jackson) develops interest in Joseph and tries to get close to him through the girl. After a scuffle when she lodges a complaint against a local goon, Joseph grows anxious and chides her for dragging him to the police station.  

When threatened with dire consequences even after him apologizing, Joseph shows his true colour: the heroic side.  

At this point, Amy Jackson comes to know of Joseph's past from Joseph's sidekick. Joseph was Vijay Kumar, the DCP of Hyderabad five years ago. He fell in love with Samantha, a doctor, and got married to her and had a child.  In his attempt to save a woman from sexual molestation, he locks horns with a Minister (played by popular director Mahendran). The rest of the film is about the consequences faced by the DCP, and his family - that is Samantha, who plays his wife, and mother, played by Radhika.


Vijay enjoys quite an amount of popularity in AP and Telangana. While the trailer raised expectations, the story is quite predictable (except for the last 20 minutes or so). In fact, the story is rehash of Rajinikanth's iconic blockbuster - Baasha (1995). The director depends on Vijay the star and his charisma. But in the absence of a tight screenplay, how much can heroism help. To talk about heroism, the film presents Vijay more in non-intense scenes, even during his confrontations with Mahendran.  

The film is at one level and refuses to go the next level. For example, there is no much intense emotion on Vijay's face even in the last portions, which comes after the flashback. He shouldn't have been shown as someone who can accomplish things just like that.

The scenes involving Vijay and his daughter are the best part. Nainika, better known as Meena's daughter, is one of the best finds in recent times. Vijay is convincing in the role of a lovely father who is emotionally connected to his little kid. The climax tells a message that good parentage is the first pre-requisite of humanity in children. The juxtaposition of Mahendran's son with Vijay's daughter is good.  

On the other hand, the flashback portions would have been good if only the scenes involving Samantha and Vijay were imaginative. Some of the scenes are too melodramatic, for example, a conversation between Radhika and Samantha.  

Vijays' fans may like the presentation of their hero. The dance moves are lesser in this film as the cop is busy punishing everyone from rapists, child traffickers, rash drivers and fraudulent real-estate barons. Samantha is just about OK. Amy Jackson is convincing. Veteran director Mahendran has the potential to become a good baddie.  

Dialogues (by Sahithi in Telugu) is a drawback.GV Prakash Kumar's BGM is an asset. The songs are just so-so. Writer and director Atlee (of 'Raja Rani' fame) has failed to tell an engrossing storyline as the script he has written has no dhum after the interval.

Bottom line:

'Police' is a passable fare with no noteworthy storyline. Weak second half is big minus. It is rehashed version of Rajinikanth's 'Baasha' with no gripping narration.

Reviewed by: 
Vishwanath V