Adhugo - Movie Review

Wednesday, November 7, 2018 - 14:15
Adhugo (2018)
Cast & Crew: 

Film: Adhugo
Cast: Ravi Babu, Abhishek Varma, Nabha Natesh, RK, Late Vijay,
Screenplay: Satyanand
Dialogues: Nivas, Ravi Babu
Music: Prashanth Vihari
Cinematography: Sudhakar Reddy
Art: Narayana Reddy
Banner: Flying Frogs
Producer: D Suresh Babu
Written and directed by: Ravi Babu
Release date: Nov 07, 2018

'Adhugo', starring Ravi Babu and others in key roles, hit the screens this Wednesday, marking Diwali. Let's find out what works and what doesn't with this so-called entertainer.


A piglet named Bunty is looked after with love and care by a child. A gang snatches it away from the boy because their boss needs a piglet with three moles. Due to a few errors and accidents, Bunty ends up in the hands of a lover boy (debutant Abhishek Varma) who actually needs a pet dog to gift to his girlfriend (played by Nabha Natesh).

All hell breaks loose when Bunty consumes a chip with valuable data that gangster Six-pack Shakti (Ravi Babu) badly needs. To add to the woes, Bunty is also wanted by two other funny gangsters for an animal race.

What follows is a comedy of errors, series of deaths, and how Bunty successfully escapes all this and finds its owner.  

What works?

Nothing works.

What doesn't work?

Everything, right from the first scene!

A comedian stares into the piglet's back, only to be showered with its poop. He has this peculiar habit of spitting gutka on the persons around him. Do you call this comedy?  If no, then be informed that 'Adhugo' is a show reel of such disgusting scenes.

The whole track of the child searching for the missing Bunty is so outdated.

The film ignores the characters played by Ravi Babu (Shakti) and the lead pair in the second half. When a gangster wants to have Bunty because it has got information worth hundreds of crores in its stomach, the screenplay has to focus on this plot. Instead we get to see silly sequences. And the lead pair should have a major role in what happens between Bunty and Shakti. But nothing of that sort is there.

The second half becomes unbearable with the comedy tracks involving RK (for the first time in his career, he is seen with hair) and the gutka-spitting gangster. Their subplots are so immature but the director makes them main highlights. How on earth did the veteran screenplay writer Sathyanand allow this to happen?

The 3D technology used to project the piglet falls flat in a number of scenes. The visuals are not at all pleasing.  

Likewise, you can go on talking about the many flaws in treatment, songs, etc. The climax is utterly senseless with amateurish execution (of fights, gun violence, etc).


Most characters try to do comedy but none makes the cut. Nobody makes an impact. Music by Prashanth R Vihari is forgettable. Cinematography by N Sudhakar Reddy is second-rate. Even the VFX is tacky.

Bottomline: 'Adhugo' aims to be a comedy of errors and eccentric characters but turns out to be horrendous affair.  A weak story and blunt screenplay make it an outdated and boring movie. The second half is most chaotic, to say the least. It ranks among one of the badly made movies of this year.

Reviewed by: 
Vishwanath V